Usha's embroidery  

Usha Shrikant As their mothers teach mostly the daughters of family the art of housekeeping, which includes basics stitchery and embroidery, I was also introduced to embroidery when I was seven years old. I loved nature and got fascinated and spellbound seen the different colors and shapes around me.

I would get lost amidst this splendor and found reflection of nature, in the beautiful forms of embroidery motifs and since then this art has become a passion with me and I found embroidery as an expression of nature on my embroidery hoop. I did a diploma course in home Science that included embroidery and stitching. We had Persian teacher, who was perfectionist and some times we had to rip open or work ten times, till she was satisfied. I loved embroidery, but stitching was not my cup of tea so embroidery took a centre stage in the list of hobbies.

I loved traveling and had opportunity to visit different institutes involved in revival of this art and had a chance to see some of finest antique pieces of ethnic embroidery. Some of the wonderful and kind native women and the main artisans of Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh imparted their precious art to me. It was lot of learning not only in the field of embroidery but about the values of life and different people. It was an experience beyond words to see the simplicity and devotion these humble people have.

Ethnic embroiderers around the world are being revived, so is the ethnic embroidery and is used by best of the designers to adorn articles that are the part of our daily life. The ethnic styles are transformed in contemporary shapes and forms. I have been learning and trying to design ethnic outfits for two decades. I am very grateful to all those people who inspired me for the work I have been doing.

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