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The purpose of this site is not only to showcase my embroidery, but also to share and exchange information like occasional embroidery tips....experiences... and also to make new friends. I have been doing embroidery for more than 30 years. Embroidery for me is neither a profession, nor a hobby, but an addiction.

'Diversity and yet unity'
is what Indian art, culture and traditions are all about. The ability of the society to assimilate external forces and in fact evolve in the process is at the root of the phenomenon. Embroidery is no exception.

Ajanta The rich and exclusive fresco of Ajanta show the sophistication of the embroidery art prevailing during the Buddhist renaissance. The emporers and the kings of different periods used embroidery work as symbols of wealth and status. The use of expensive and exquisite metarial including gold, pearls and precious stones become conspicuous.

The nomadic tribes and invasion from Mughals led to a major impetus of evolution of the entire array of art and culture. Successful adaptation and synthesis without departure from basics and fundamentals, can be directly attributed to what I refer to as unique capability of the society to assimilate newer ideas.

The impact of foreign influences, figuratively speaking, the globalization of the embroidery art is manifested at the level of technical details. Another aspect of the historic evolution of embroidery has to do with technology. This took different directions, some of which are seen even in today's work.

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