Usha's embroidery  

Following are some of the ethnic embroideries of India. For the styles that are not present on this website, you can refer to the books.

Embroidery of Bengal
Kantha embroidery Kantha: The Kantha of Bengal represents the joyous self expression of the people of Bengal. Kantha signifies a poor man's blanket made of old pieces of cloth patched and sewn into a single big piece. For a Bengali woman embroidery was not mere stitchery but a medium for the manifestation of her creative urges aided by her imagination and craftsmanship.

Banjara embroidery  
Most of the Banjaras of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh embroider beautiful artifects using glass or mica cut into different shapes. The silver glass used in the past was produced by blowing glass into spheres and then breaking them into pieces of the required size. This slightly convex glass was thought to frighten away evil spirits.
Banjara embroidery

Embroidery of Gujarat and Rajasthan
Embroidery of Gujarat and Rajasthan Gujarat and the princely state of Rajasthan on the western side of India and Sindh in Pakistan, are the richest source of folk embroidery. Closed proximity to Iran, the Middle Eastern countries, Central Asia, and constant influx of nomadic migrants has greatly influence the textiles as both in designing and techniques.

Karnataka embroidery  
Kasuti embroidery belongs to Mysore district of Karnataka state situated on Western Southern part of India. It is a highly developed embroidery, representing the art and culture of the Karnataka, its spiritual urge and aesthetic sensibility. This embroidery is done by housewives in the part of Maharashtra and Karnataka, who make use of very simple stitchery.
Kasuti embroidery

Embroidery of Punjab
Embroidery of Punjab Phulkari: Just as Bagh means garden, Phulkari means Flower craft. The rich agricultural state of Punjab and Haryana on Northern Western side of India are quite prosperous and people are hardworking and cheerful. This happy moods reflects in their embroideries such as Phulkari Chaddar, Chop and Bagh. Phulkari work, mainly done on Shawls.

Kashmir embroidery  
The beautiful valley of Kashmir, is famous, largely, through the exquisitely embroidered shawls because of its unmatched workmanship on intricate traditional patterns. The embroidery of Kashmir is very delicate and mainly has floral patterns. The fineness and minute details of this embroidery style makes it extremely expensive.
Kashmir embroidery

Embroidery of Surat
Embroidery of Surat There was a community of Chinese embroiders living in Surat, south of Gujarat who produced work that was completely Chinese in both designs and techniques, specially for the Parsee market. Their embroidery was known as Chinai work. Traditional sari and some distinctive Parsee garments specially for women and children were embroidered in Chinai embroidery.

Fun embroidery  
Today more and more people are experiencing a strong desire to create new designs, which are their own and exclusive. Hence the old designs and techniques used by our great grandmothers are being rediscovered with great interest inspired by the useful but intricate designs many news designs are being created using simpler techniques.
Fun embroidery

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